Trust Xactly

Xactly is aware of the Zero Day Vulnerability, Spring4Shell and through our investigations to our environments, we are not impacted by this vulnerability.

System StatusAll products are currently functioning normally.

Trust Xactly

At Xactly We Care About You - Our Customer

To succeed and earn your trust, we need to meet your expectations every single day, with every interaction. We also know that trust starts with security and visibility.

Using Xactly Incent Trust, you can find real-time updates on system performance, including privacy and security information, for the Incent Suite.

10/31/2022: Xactly is aware of the evolving situation with the OpenSSL 3.x vulnerability. At this point our scans show that we are not affected by this vulnerability but will continue to monitor the situation closely.

System Status

Xactly recognizes the importance of visibility into the system availability, scheduled maintenance, and overall reliability of the Xactly Incent Suite.

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Xactly understands that the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our customers’ information are vital to their business operations and therefore to our success.

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Privacy Policy

This statement communicates our information gathering and management practices as well the choices we have made regarding how we use the information we collect.

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