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Xactly is aware of the Zero Day Vulnerability impacting MOVEit – through our investigations to our environments, we are not impacted by this vulnerability.

System Status

System Status

System StatusAll products are currently functioning normally.

System Status

Xactly recognizes the importance of visibility into the system availability, scheduled maintenance, and overall reliability of the Xactly Incent Suite. This page displays the system maintenance announcements, including the current system status of the Xactly Incent Suite, as well as the Historic System Up Time of the Xactly Incent production environment.

Current System Status

All Products & Pods are online. As COVID-19 continues its spread across the globe, the health and safety of our employees, partners, and customers is our top priority. Xactly maintains disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities that have been carefully architected into our operational processes. We do not anticipate any service disruption or degradation during this outbreak. Please contact Xactly Support for a copy of our Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Overview document or with any questions you may have.

Update All Pods

System Uptime

To determine the refresh status section that applies to your business, please refer to the URL in the browser window address bar when you log into Incent (example: “secure1.xactlycorp.com”). Note: Current month uptime is calculated on a month to date basis.


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